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There is a lot of information shared about pollinators, pollinator-friendly vegetation, and gardening support, so you may question: how do I get started?

Well, the simple answer is with us! Grow Wild has a variety of educational resources to offer all landowners. Most of our materials have been designed to target those that live in suburban and urban areas, aiming to inform communities about the benefits of pollinators and native species.


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Clethra Tiger Butterfly moth pollinator
Photograph by Diane Mitchell



Butterflies of Maryland: A Biological Summary and Checklist

Butterfly Identification Butterflies, Skippers & Moths

Maryland Butterflies

Mid-Atlantic Plant and Wasp Observation Guide

Mt. Cuba Native Bee Survey

Native Caterpillars, Moths and Butterflies and Native Woodies

Pollen Specialist Bees of the Eastern United States

Pollinator Partnership

The Ohio State Bee Lab

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

University of Minnesota Bee Lab

Pollinator Garden Harford County Maryland
Photograph by Lee Graul

Landscape Designs

Container Gardening Keystone Native Plants

Landscape Designs with Native Plants

Landscaping with Native Plants

Native Plant Pollinator Garden Templates

Native Plants for the Small Yard

Pollinator Gardens

The Green Book for the Buffer

Pollinator Garden Harford County Maryland
Photograph by Marlene Stamm

Native Plants

Books for Backyard Habitat Gardens

Easy-to-grow Native Plants that support pollinators

Homegrown National Park

Keystone Native Plants, Eastern Temperate Forests, Ecoregion 8

Maryland Native Plant Society

Milkweeds and their communities

Mt Cuba Center Plant Trial Reports

Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping, Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Recommended Native Plants for Maryland

Guide to Native Plants and Gardening

monarch butterfly migration oak tree

Trees and Forestry

Directory of Consulting and Industrial Foresters

17 Native Trees for Your Yard

Creating a Wild Backyard – Native Maryland Trees

Maryland Woodland Stewardship Education

25 Common Types of Trees Native to Maryland

Maryland Native Tree List


If you’re interested in learning more about pollinator gardens, native plants, invasive plant species, and how small actions at home can create more thriving ecosystems in our local community, check out these videos that we recommend!

Grow Your Own Meadow

Grasslands are some of our most imperiled habitats, even the iconic American prairie is only a fraction of what it once was and with it the loss of many populations of wildlife that called it home. Here in the Mid-Atlantic we had meadowlands and grasslands mixed into the once heavily forested landscape with many species having disappeared or declining due to their absence. This video shows how you can take part in restoring this critical part of our local ecosystem.

Virtual Landscape Tour of Harford County

The Susquehannock Wildlife Society asked our wonderful community for their help to create a virtual tour of this beautiful place we are lucky enough to call home. Everyone came through and submitted some incredible views from all around our diverse landscape—from high above the mighty Susquehanna River to the tranquility of a local backyard garden, and everything in between!

Pollinator Gardens

The Harford County Master Gardeners gave a tour of the pollinator garden that they maintain at the Eden Mill Nature Center. This video shows the plants, features and functions of the garden and can give you insight into how to create your own!

Invasive Plants

In this video, the Harford County Master Gardeners discuss invasive plants, how to identify them, and what to do to have a healthier garden!

Bel Air Rain Garden

Harford County Master Gardener Native Plant Committee members worked closely with the Harford County Watershed and Restoration Office to create a rain garden in the town of Bel Air. This video shows the finished garden and what makes it special!


Applications and helpful documents regarding pollinator-friendly plants.
(Last updated August 2023)

Suggested Seasonal Native Plant Information for Harford County Pollinator Gardens Trail Applicants
Invasive Plant List
Keystone Native Plants
Eastern Temperate Forests
Ecoregion 8
Harford County Pollinator Gardens Trail Application
Harford County Pollinator Garden Certification
Native Plant Nurseries Harford County Maryland
Native Plant Nurseries Near Harford County, MD

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